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    Final Program

    SGP 73rd ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM / SOBLA ANNUAL MEETING "Structural Basis of Electrical Signaling in the Nervous System and Heart"


    14:00 – 17:00 : Registration

    17:00 – 17:30 :  Welcome by Ramon Latorre, Merritt Maduke (SGP President) and Jorge Contreras (SOBLA President).

    17:30 –18:30 : Friends of Physiology Keynote Lecture
                                  Francisco Bezanilla (Univ. Chicago. USA)

    19:00 –21:00 : Reception and Cocktail at Parque Cultural de Valparaíso

    THURSDAY 9/5

    9:00 – 10:15  Session I: “Structural perspectives on permeation and selectivity”
                                Chair: Crina Nimigean, Weill Cornell Medicine

    9:00 AM: Speaker 1 Luis Cuello (Texas Tech Univ. USA) - “Dissecting the ion bound configurations within the selectivity filter of a potassium channel”

    9:30 AM: Speaker 2 Benoit Roux (Univ. Chicago. USA) - “Unraveling the mechanism of C-type inactivation in potassium channels”

    10:00 AM: Short talk 1 Maria Falzone (Weill Cornell Medicine. USA) – “Structural basis of lipid and ion transport by TMEM16 scramblases”

    10:15   – 10:45: COFFEE BREAK

    10:45  12:30 Session II: “Structural and functional approaches to gating”
                                 Chair: Alessio Accardi, Weill Cornell Medicine

    10:45 AM: Speaker 3 Carlos Gonzalez (CINV - Univ. de Valparaíso - Chile) – “Molecular gating mechanism of activation in (Hv1) Proton Channels”

    11:15 AM: Speaker 4 Baron Chanda (Univ. Wisconsin. USA) - “Hidden in plain sight: Temperature-dependent gating in model systems”

    11:45 AM: Speaker 5 Cecilia Bouzat (CONICET, Argentina) - “Activation and multilevel modulation of alpha7 nicotinic receptors”

    12:15 AM: Short Talk 2 Jerome LaCroix (Western Univ. Health Sci. USA) – “Shedding Light on Piezo1 Activation”

    12:30  14:00: Lunch at Parque Cultural de Valparaiso

    14:00  16:00 Session III: “Calcium and electrical excitability”
                                  Chair: Alan Neely, CINV - Univ. de Valparaíso - Chile

    14:00 PM: Speaker 6 Claudia Moreno (Univ. Washington. USA) – “Coupling of L-Type Calcium Channels to facilitate calcium entry”

    14:15 PM: Speaker 7 Cathy Proenza (Univ. Colorado. USA) – “Allosteric regulation of HCN channels”

    14:30 PM: Speaker 8 Robert Dirksen (Univ. Rochester. USA) - “Exercise-dependent Activation of Store-operated Ca2+ Channels in Skeletal Muscle: Why do Mice Run Better with SOCCs?”

    15:00 PM: Speaker 9 Ana Gomez (INSERM-Univ Paris Sud. France) - “Ryanodine receptor role in heart rhythm and arrhythmias”

    15:30 PM: Speaker 10 Ariel Escobar (UC Merced. USA) - “Relationship between excitability and contractility: when Ca2+ influx happens”

    16:00   – 18:00 :  Poster presentations
    Beer and wine will be served at the poster session.

    18:00   – 19:15 : ROUND TABLE I: Promoting Diversity in Biophysical and Physiological Research
    Panel: Theanne Griffith (Columbia Univ. USA); Walter Duran (Rutgers-NJMS. USA); Julio Cordero-Morales (Univ. Tennessee. USA); Delany Torres Salazar (NINDS. USA); Susan Amara, (NIMH. USA).

    19:35 PM: Please find your preferred dinner at Valparaiso´s restaurants. Information about restaurants will be available at the meeting.


    FRIDAY 9/6

    9:00 – 10:15 Session IV: “Control of electrical excitability in neurons”
                             Chair: Andres Chavez, CINV - Univ. de Valparaíso - Chile

    9:00 AM: Speaker 11 Chris Lingle (Washington Univ.-St. Louis. USA) - “Long-term inactivation of Nav currents in rodent chromaffin cells and its molecular underpinnings”

    9:30 AM: Speaker 12 Frank Bosmans (Ghent Univ. Belgium) - “The expanding role of Nav1.9 in sensory perception”

    10:00 AM: Short talk 3 Theanne Griffith (Columbia Univ. USA) – “Tetrodotoxin-sensitive sodium channels mediate action potential firing and excitability in menthol-sensitive Vglut3-lineage sensory neurons”

    10:15   – 10:45 AM: COFFEE BREAK

    10:45  12:30  Session V: “TRP channels: from molecular mechanisms to physiology”
                                  Chair: Leon Islas (UNAM. Mexico)

    10:45 AM: Speaker 13 Tamara Rosenbaum (UNAM, Mexico) - “The modes of action of an endogenous TRPV1 activator”

    11:15 AM: Speaker 14 Tibor Rohacs (Rutgers Univ. USA) - “Lipid regulation of Transient Receptor Potential Channels”

    11:45 AM: Speaker 15 Andres Jara-Oseguera (NINDS. USA) - “The role of the selectivity filter in gating of the TRPV1 channel”

    12:15 AM: Short talk 4 Lisandra Flores (Univ. Austral. Chile) - “Evolutionary analysis unveils a sequence motif associated with fast inactivation in TRPV5 and TRPV6 channels”

    12:30  14:00 : Lunch at Parque Cultural de Valparaiso

    14:00  15:30  Session VI: “Expanding the ion channel toolkit”
                                  Chair: Matthew Trudeau (U. Maryland. USA)

    14:00 PM: Speaker 16 Jon Sack (UC Davis. USA) - "Visualizing endogenous ion channel activation"

    14:30 PM: Speaker 17 Bill Kobertz (Univ. Mass. USA) - “Painting Cells with Fluorescent Ion Sensors: Spatiotemporal Visualization of Membrane Transporter and K+ Channel Activity”

    15:00 PM: Speaker 18 Teresa Giraldez (Univ. La Laguna, Spain) – “Bringing light to BK channel calcium sensing”

    15:30 PM: Short talk 5 Michael Rockman (Temple Univ. USA) – “Mechanism of NS11021 Activation of BK Channels”

    15:45 – 17:45:  Poster presentations
    Beer and wine will be served at the poster session.

    17:45 :. Please find your preferred dinner at Valparaiso´s restaurants.  Information about restaurants will be available at the meeting.

    SATURDAY 9/7

    9:00 – 10:00 AM Session VII: “Junctional channels and cellular communication: P2X and connexin channels” Chairs: Agustin Martinez/Juan Carlos Saez (CINV - Univ. de Valparaíso. Chile)

    9:00 AM: Speaker 19 Mufeng Li (NINDS. USA) - “Tuning P2X receptor channel function with divalent cations”

    9:30 AM: Short talk 6 Isaac Garcia (CINV - Univ. de Valparaíso, Chile) – “Human connexin mutations reveal a key role for the N-terminus in the gating mechanism of connexin hemichannels”

    9:45 AM: Short talk 7 Mauricio Lillo (Rutgers-NJMS. USA) - “Opening of remodeled Connexin43 hemichannels promote arrhythmias upon cardiac stress”

    10:00   – 10:30 : COFFEE BREAK

    10:30  12:30 Session VIII: “Channels under the influence”
                               Chair: Valeria Vasquez (Univ. Tennessee. USA)

    10:30 AM: Speaker 21 Andrea Brueggemann (Nanion, Germany) - “Opening up New Opportunities by Combining High Throughput Electrophysiology with Optical Tools”

    11:00 AM: Speaker 22 Susy C. Kohout (Montana State Univ. USA) – “Connecting electrical and chemical signaling through VSP”

    11:30 AM: Speaker 23 Gail A. Robertson (Univ. Wisconsin-Madison. USA) – “Cotranslational association of mRNAs encoding components of the action potential”

    12:00 AM: Speaker 24 Sudha Chakrapani (Case Western. USA) - “Gating and Drug Modulation in 5-HT3A Receptors”

    12:30  14:00 : Lunch at Parque Cultural de Valparaiso

    14:00  15:30 : Session IX: “Primary and Secondary Active Transporters”
                                    Chair: Pablo Artigas, Texas Tech Univ. USA

    14:00 PM: Speaker 25 Kazuhiro Abe (Nagoya Univ., Japan) - “Structural basis for the H+-extrusion and the K+-occlusion of the gastric proton pump”

    14:30 PM: Speaker 26 Nancy Carrasco (Vanderbilt Univ. USA) – “The Na+/I- symporter (NIS): an unending source of surprises”

    15:00 PM: Speaker 27 Joseph Mindell (NINDS. USA) - “Protons to patients:evaluating the role of the chloride transporter CLC-7 in lysosomal acidification”

    15:30  – 16:00 : COFFEE BREAK

    16:00 – 17:00 : ROUND TABLE II: Establishing rigorous benchmarks and reproducibility in science.
    Chair: Shai Silberberg (NINDS)

    17:00 – 18:00: SOBLA Lecture: Dr. Mario Amzel (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. USA). Title: “Regulation of voltage-gated sodium channels by calcium and calmodulin”

    19:30 PM: Final Banquet at "Yacht Club de Chile".