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    Preliminary Program

    SGP 73rd ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM / SOBLA ANNUAL MEETING "Structural Basis of Electrical Signaling in the Nervous System and heart"


    Friends of Physiology Keynote Lecture – Francisco Bezanilla (Univ. Chicago)

    THURSDAY 9/5

    Session I: “Structural perspectives on permeation and selectivity” (Chair: Crina Nimigean, Weill Cornell Medicine)
    Speakers: Luis Cuello (Texas Tech Univ.); Benoit Roux (Univ. Chicago); Short talk 1

    Session II: “Structural and functional approaches to gating” (Chair: Eduardo Perozo, Univ. Chicago)
    Speakers: Carlos Gonzalez (CINV, Chile); Baron Chanda (Univ. Wisconsin); Cecilia Bouzat (CONICET, Argentina); Short Talk 2; Flash poster presentation

    Session III: “Calcium and electrical excitability” (Chair: Alan Neely, CINV, Chile)
    Speakers: Eduardo Rios (Rush Univ Med Ctr); Robert Dirksen (Univ. Rochester); Ana Gomez (INSERM-Univ Paris Sud); Ariel Escobar (UC Merced)

    Roundtable: Establishing a diverse population of scientists in the study of membrane excitability

    Panel: Theanne Griffith (Columbia Univ.); Walter Duran (Rutgers-NJMS); Julio Cordero-Morales (Univ. Tennessee); Cathy Proenza (Univ. Colorado)


    FRIDAY 9/6

    Session IV: “Control of electrical excitability in neurons” (Chair: Andres Chavez, CINV, Chile)
    Speakers: Chris Lingle (Washington Univ.-St. Louis); Frank Bosmans (Johns Hopkins Univ.); Short talk 3

    Session V: “TRP channels: from molecular mechanisms to physiology” (Chair: Kenton Swartz, NINDS)
    Speakers: Tamara Rosenbaum (UNAM, Mexico); Tibor Rohacs (Rutgers Univ.); Andres Jara-Oseguera (NINDS); Short talks 4; Flash poster presentation

    Session VI: “Expanding the ion channel toolkit” (Sebastian Brauchi, Univ. Austral de Chile)
    Speakers: Jon Sack (UC Davis); Bill Kobertz (Univ. Mass); Teresa Giraldez (Univ. La Laguna, Spain)


    SATURDAY 9/7

    Session VII: “Junctional channels and cellular communication: connexin, pannexin and P2X channels” (Chairs: Agustin Martinez/Juan Carlos Saez, CINV)
    Speakers: Roger Thompson (Univ. Calgary); Mufeng Li (NINDS); Short talk 5 (connexin)

    Session VIII: “Channels under the influence” (Chair: Valeria Vazquez)
    Speakers: Andrea Brueggemann (Nanion, DE); Carlos Villalba-Galea (Univ. Pacific); Andrea Meredith (Univ. Maryland); Sudha Chakrapani (Case Western)

    Session IX: “Ion transport and exchange” (Chair: Pablo Artigas, Texas Tech Univ)
    Speakers: Kazuhiro Abe (Nagoya Univ., Japan); Nancy Carrasco (Vanderbilt); Joseph Mindell (NINDS)

    Round Table: Establishing rigorous benchmarks and reproducibility in science
    Chair: Shai Silberberg (NINDS)

    Final Banquet at “Muelle Baron” (Baron Pier).